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Best Times to Post on TikTok

Best Times to Post on TikTok

You may also wonder, “when is the best time to post on TikTok? Posting content on social media isn’t straightforward. There are a lot of statistics and ideas out there for different platforms. It is essential to keep in mind that trends change almost daily. In addition, only posting certain types of content at specific times might generate tons of likes and followers, which won’t guarantee your next post will be popular. 

What is the Best Time to Post on TikTok?

Consumption of content has become a constant need thanks to social media. Producing content is essential, but connecting with your audience is equally important.

More than 20 million people use the service in India, while 150 million people use the service in China and over 14 million in the United States.

How to find the best time to post on TikTok?

You can upgrade your regular account with TikTok’s new Pro account feature. Analytics is one of the new features that come with Pro accounts.  It will show you how many followers you have, the gender breakdown of your followers, and the countries your followers are from most frequently. 

Visit your profile in the app. Then tap the three dots on your mobile phone screen to access the privacy and settings section. You can switch to a Pro account. You’ll be able to access your analytics when your account is upgraded.

Try to identify the audience’s wake-up time.

Your audience is located where you think they are. Identifying their wake-up time is now the next step. 

Understanding time zones may seem trickier, but it’s not that difficult. The time difference between Thailand and India is only about one hour and 30 minutes if you have many followers in both countries. There shouldn’t be a disruption to your posting schedule with such a slight time difference.

The scheduling feature in TikTok is unfortunately not available. You cannot schedule or post content from your TikTok account using any social media management apps (yet). 

Ways to grow your audience on Tiktok-

1. Discover Your X-Factor

It’s essential to figure out what makes you unique if you want to attract a broad audience. The X-factor isn’t a skill or physical characteristic, as most people think. It’s a characteristic or set of features that set you apart from others. The X-Factor of your looks and skills compliments the X-Factor of your personality. Are you unsure of your X-Factor? Find out what family and friends most like you. It won’t take you long to get by. 

2. Produce more content

Despite how obvious it seems, it can also be a little challenging to handle. To create more TikTok content, you need to be more creative. The key is to keep thinking of new ideas without having to come up with them constantly. It’s easy to document your activities. 

Producing funny sketches is more complex than documenting. You can also share an update on your phone rather than spending hours making a perfect recording and capturing it.

3. Become a TikToker collaborator

Social media users often talk about “cross-pollination.” Have you heard of it? This is the process of sending a message from one social media account to another account that has a larger following. You can gain more followers by sharing your content with other TikTokers’ audiences. 

4. Challenge yourself

There is still a significant demand for challenges on TikTok, and they are great for attracting followers. A trending challenge can get your challenge in front of a large audience. People are paying attention to challenges when they are trending. Featured videos are also more likely to generate views and revenue.

5. Make use of hashtags

In social media, hashtags are an essential component. It can be challenging to find content without them. Getting found becomes more accessible because people follow hashtags and rely on them. 

You should not pick any hashtag for your video, even though hashtags will help you appear in search results. There’s a little research to be done. Choose hashtags and elements that are relevant to your video. 

6. Archive old content and share it

It is a good idea to share older content that has not been recorded on TikTok. In tip number one, we talked about sharing more content. You can ensure that your audience is always getting fresh content by sharing older content, even if it is a #TBT post.

When should you post on Tiktok?

The factors that contribute to growing your TikTok following are numerous. As a first step, you need to identify your audience’s location. In addition, you should consider time zone differences (yours and theirs) when posting on TikTok. In addition to identifying when your audience is most likely to be online, these factors also help you determine when your content will be most effective. 
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