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How to Develop Your Brand Persona

The pandemic disrupted lives in all kinds of ways, but it also encouraged people with more time on their hands to pursue entrepreneurship. Just in 2021, people started up over 5 million new businesses. That was just in the U.S.

While some people went in for traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, a lot turned to the Internet. E-commerce saw massive growth. Some people decided that becoming online creators was the best path.

Even more than traditional businesses, online businesses depend on their brand persona to help drive traffic and sales. Not sure how to develop a personal brand or grow a following? Keep reading for our guide on developing your brand persona.

What is a Brand Persona?

For online creators, there is a nearly complete overlap between your brand persona and your personal brand. In essence, the brand persona is the set of qualities or characteristics that your brand encompasses. Since online creators are synonymous with their brand, that usually means the qualities, characteristics, and attitudes that you project in your content.

So, if you project a sense that you are outgoing and fun-loving, that becomes the brand persona for all of your ventures.

Developing a Brand Persona

With any luck, you’ll get a chance to think through the brand persona before you launch your online creator career. Don’t try to create a personal brand that is dramatically different than your actual personality. That will prove difficult to downright impossible to maintain.

Instead, think about your normal characteristics and decide which ones you want to highlight. Which of those characteristics will do the best job of selling you and, potentially, your products or services?

Once you pin down which characteristics you think will serve you best in the long term, think about how you can communicate those characteristics the best. For some, that means blogging, for others it means pictures, and for some it means video.

Social Media

For content creators, social media is the biggest game in town for building a following. The major upstart in social media at the moment is TikTok.

As a video-based platform, it does call for some basic video recording and editing skills. The good news is that TikTok users still remain fairly forgiving of minor problems in your videos. Just make sure you spend some time figuring out the best times to post.

If you don’t feel confident in your social media branding chops, many content creators turn to professional marketing agencies to help them build their brands.

Brand Persona and You

For online creators, the difference between brand persona and personal brand hovers between hazy and non-existent. The trick is that you must develop a brand persona you can maintain.

That means picking personality characteristics you actually possess and highlighting them in your content. After that, you must face the hurdle that is social media. Pick a platform that favors your strengths and skills.

Snowball Management specializes in helping online creators develop their brands. For more information, contact Snowball Management today.


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