About Us

Snowball Management is an inclusive talent agency born to empower creators to pursue their dreams.

“Snowball MGMT is an influencer management agency, built and designed to grow our clients’ social media and maximise their content platform revenue streams.

Our team are on hand to organise content and event days, producing the best content to maximise performance. We also take care of all of your marketing needs through promotion across our own social media pages and external pages. We monitor performance and metrics across accounts to effectively identify what works and what doesn’t, making sure you’re hot on trends appropriate for your audience and not wasting your valuable time and efforts.

Struggling to get your customers to engage or spend over $5 on content? Our experienced sales team can help you revive activity and increase the desire and demand of your work. Since mid 2020, we’ve helped our clients generate over $3 Million Net Revenue through increasing their social reach, influence and fans! Reach out to our team to find out just how we can accelerate your journey!”


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